Jun 18, 2018

Welcome! An Introduction

Hello and welcome to The Beer Darling! I thought it only fitting to introduce the blog with some fun facts about yours truly. So crack open a virtual beer with me and keep reading!

My dad says the best thing that came out of my attending college was learning to drink beer. Ha! I can kind of agree. I will always be forever grateful to my alma mater Indiana University, where I found my love of craft beer and pizza. In between Art & Journalism classes, you could find me with a pitcher of my favorite brew at Kilroy’s bar on the main drag. From the very start of my college beer drinking days, I credit local Upland Brewing Co. for laying the foundation. Right off the bat, I acquired a taste for something better than the cheap, watered-down beer flowing at most college parties. I remember hauling my own freshly-filled growler of Upland Wheat to friend’s houses and literally putting others to shame with their Keystone Light. That’s right—I like my beer to have flavor!

Fast forward to today—I work as a magazine art director and a few years ago launched my own side hustle—a food lifestyle brand called Sweet Melissa. With an eye for creativity & design, I’ve taken my passion for food further than a simple hobby. My true passions in life are cooking, eating, and enjoying beer. I figured, why not document my adventures and share it with others. I also think there’s a bit of a shortage of female craft beer enthusiasts, so I really want to show the world (and other ladies out there) that we in fact DO love beer too!

In addition to blog posts on all things beer & food, I plan to put together various City Guides to showcase the best spots to eat/drink/stay/explore. I know whenever I travel to a new place, I love finding an insider’s itinerary with a cool list of recommended places. Be on the lookout for those coming soon!

Lastly, behind the name…my southern Grandpa always used to call me darlin’. I recently got a tattoo of it for my birthday this past April. Grandpa was an unfussy man who stuck to his Miller High Life—but I like to think he’d appreciate The Beer Darling and what I plan to do.

If you’re not already, follow me on Instagram! CHEERS!

Photos by Cari Hughes Photography


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    Nice info for people who like different types of beer


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