Jul 1, 2018

Local Pick: Tap House

This weekend I went to the opening of a new spot in Michigan City, Indiana called Tap House (2323 E. Michigan Blvd). First of all, there’s nothing I enjoy more than checking out different local food & drink options—especially one that’s so close (literally 10 minutes from my house!). The concept of Tap House was intriguing from the start—a self-serve restaurant/bar that has a wide variety of beer, wine, cider, and even kombucha on tap. On top of that, they have build-your-own pizzas, nachos, and quesadillas with a ton of ingredient options. I came with my fellow food blogger friend Elena of Savor Paradise. We planned to stay just an hour or so, but ending up enjoying Tap House so much we stayed the rest of the afternoon!

I seriously love the Tap House concept. You can fill drinks and order food at your own pace. Upon arriving, you’ll receive a sleek white card to use at the self-serve taps and food order kiosk. There were so many great beers, including some local options that I couldn’t wait to try. The BEST part though was the instant glass froster machine. Just grab a glass from the rack and then hold it up inside the machine to get a frosty, chilled goblet ready for anything you wish to fill it with. Drinks are charged by the ounce, so you can get a half, full, 3/4 glass—whatever amount you want!

The design of Tap House is a blend of industrial/rustic/modern and JUST. MY. STYLE. Absolutely loved the ambiance of the place—I’d compare it to a cool bar you’d find in bigger cities like Chicago. I was pleasantly surprised they also have an adjacent outdoor patio—equipped with a good number of industrial-style tables & chairs. There is an endless amount of photo backdrop options to slay your Instagram game—white brick, gold-flecked rock, a metal wall, and of course their large modern type logo.

Of course, we had to order some pizza and nachos during our visit—got to have some sustenance with all those drinks! Tap House is owned by the family who runs the Rios restaurants in the area—so you know the nachos and quesadillas are going to be delicious. The pizza was thin and crispy—the perfect beer-drinking snack.

Tap House is kid-friendly until 9pm so it’s a great destination for everyone. If you want more of a bar scene, come later in the evening—they’re open late! I can honestly see myself bringing my laptop and working here during the day (I heard they plan to add cold brew coffee on nitro soon!). If you’re in the area, check this place out. I have a feeling Tap House is going to become quite the hot spot here in Michigan City. Cheers!



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