Nov 26, 2018

7 Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lovers

As a self-professed beer lover, I’ve come across quite a few products I’ve either bought myself or are on my wish list. Here are 7 gift ideas for craft beer lovers to help you find the perfect something for the beer aficionado in your life.

1. Rastal Teku Stemmed Beer Glass $13.95, 

Known as “The World’s Best Beer Glass”, you’ll see the Teku all over Instagram’s top beer blogger feeds. If you want to feel fancy AF drinking your favorite brew, you MUST get this glass. And it actually does live up to the hype bringing out all the flavors and aromas.

2. Wooden USA Beer Bottle Cap Map $12,

Any beer connoisseur would love to get this laser-cut wooden map to showcase all the caps from their travels. A great incentive to taste beer from every state.

3. Drinkwel To-Go Packets $8.99,

Designed to replenish nutrients, support liver health and process alcohol induced toxins, these capsules truly help in preventing beer-induced hangovers. I take these before every beer fest! Conveniently packaged individually to take on the go.

4. Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from the Pairing Pros $25,

Beer has reclaimed its place at the dinner table. No better way to guide your own beer-focused food pairings at home than with this book. Cheers to that!

5. Sling Beverage Cooler $22,

Carrying this on your back some may think it’s a yoga mat—but it’s something way cooler…a portable 6-pack cooler that is. Imagine bringing this to your next beach picnic. Everyone will think you’re both stylish AND smart.

6. Stainless Steel Pressurized Growler $199,

This growler is definitely on my lust list. The mini keg holds a gallon of your favorite local brew and keeps it fresh for weeks. Durable, double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel and a CO2 regulator cap with customizable tap handle make drinking draft beer on the go or at home a luxury experience.

7. Beer Types Print $12,

Beer is art. Display your love for all the beer types with this illustrated card stock print. A beautiful edition to a gallery wall or at your desk to remind you of happy hour.



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