Jan 19, 2019

Trying out Tavour: A Unique Beer Delivery Service

Recently I got the chance to try out a really unique beer delivery service from a company called Tavour. This isn’t your typical “beer of the month club.” They source rare, limited beers from independent craft brewers from all over—YOU pick the beers you want and they ship them right to your door. Here’s the rundown on what it’s all about!

What is it?

A craft beer delivery service that offers unique, rare, and limited release beers from small/independent breweries you can’t find in your area

Who is it for?

Craft beer lovers of all kinds but especially beer geeks!

How does it work?

Through their free app, you choose any beers from their daily selections. Every month (or sooner if you’d like!) they will ship out your “cellar” with all the hand picked beers you’ve selected. Shipping is a flat $14.95 regardless of quantity. FYI you’ll need an adult 21 and older to sign for your shipment when it’s delivered.

The variety of beers I got was amazing. None of which I’d ever had before. It was really great getting to try out so many different styles—some that I typically wouldn’t have gravitated towards. The beers were fresh and I must say, I was super impressed with the quality of shipping—the crate was super sturdy & arrived perfectly intact. Each day there is a new selection of beers on the app you can reserve. Tavour trys out every beer and has tasting notes to help you make your selections. Side note: Can I work at Tavour? 🙂

In conclusion: I loved Tavour! It’s really perfect for craft beer geeks of all kinds. If you’re familiar with doing beer trades, this takes matters into your own hands—picking your own beers from places you’re not able to travel to. Can’t wait to order my next shipment!

If you want to try Tavour out, I’ve got a link for $10 off your first order right here. Cheers!



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