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Oct 18, 2020

I’ve been wanting to create an epic cheese + beer pairing spread for quite some time. When Isigny Sainte-Mère reached out offering to send me some of their famous Mimolette cheese, I jumped on the chance. This cheese comes from a historic part of Normandy, France—where dairy production has been part of their identity for […]

Jul 7, 2020

For years I’ve been drinking & enjoying beer, but never thought about brewing it myself. Perhaps I had the idea it was too complicated or required too much investment. Boy, was I wrong…for a homebrew newbie like me, the key was starting out with an easy-to-follow kit, which includes everything you need plus simple instructions. […]

Apr 2, 2020

Even non-beer lovers will go crazy for this super easy delicious bread. With only 5 ingredients, you can make a tender, buttery loaf in under an hour. Use a can or bottle of your favorite beer—I used Round Barn Lake Michigan Light, an American blonde ale. A mild, light to medium beer is best, although […]

Feb 13, 2020

The first time I tasted New Holland Brewing Dragon’s Milk White Stout, a specific food pairing came to mind. I saved the idea to create just for this occasion—Valentine’s Day! Enter: white stout + white chocolate covered strawberries. It’s honestly a match made in heaven and any beer lover would be thrilled with the sweet […]

Jan 8, 2020

If you haven’t visited South Bend, Indiana in a while or believe the only main attraction is Notre Dame—you better plan a visit asap. Over the past few years, The Bend has truly burst into a vibrant Midwest destination. A revitalized downtown area, parks, theater, sports, and of course, craft beer are all reasons you […]

Feb 6, 2019

With the polar vortex we experienced recently here in the Midwest, I’m still chilled to the bone! I thought I’d share 3 Boozy Ways to Warm Up in Winter to help anyone else who might find themselves in the same situation—now or in the future. Read on for some drinks to warm you up from […]

Jan 19, 2019

Recently I got the chance to try out a really unique beer delivery service from a company called Tavour. This isn’t your typical “beer of the month club.” They source rare, limited beers from independent craft brewers from all over—YOU pick the beers you want and they ship them right to your door. Here’s the […]

Nov 26, 2018

As a self-professed beer lover, I’ve come across quite a few products I’ve either bought myself or are on my wish list. Here are 7 gift ideas for craft beer lovers to help you find the perfect something for the beer aficionado in your life. 1. Rastal Teku Stemmed Beer Glass $13.95,  Known as “The […]

Aug 7, 2018

We all know the craze that is rosé nowadays, and this summer I fell in love with a refreshing new take on the trend from Virtue Cider in Fennville, Michigan. All of their amazing ciders are made on-site and I got to sample quite a few in the tasting room located among their picturesque farmland in […]

Jul 29, 2018

I’ve baked quite a few cakes in my life (hundreds actually through my business Sweet Melissa) and this Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake is hands down my favorite to date. It literally only lasts a day or two sitting on the kitchen counter before it’s completely gobbled up. The texture is incredibly fudgy and I find […]